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Looking for long stay package deals in Hong Kong hotels? Get great prices for rooms in the heart of Kowloon Bay. Enjoy the home-like vibe at Camlux Hotel.

Check-in into an Extended Stay Hotel Enjoy A Prolonged Vacation

In a blink of an eye, an utterly enjoyed vacation comes to an end. Hong Kong is considered a dream destination owing to the rich cultural heritage, art, entertainment, history, and urban living it embodies. Engrossed tourists find it difficult to fully assimilate the essence of this dream destination in just a few days of visit. Hence, they arrive at the resolution of extending their stay to explore places, relish food, and relax in the leisure that hong kong hotel long stay package offers.

Numerous vacationers come intending to stay in Hong Kong for an extended period. However, many others touch down to stay for less than 10 days but eventually decide to stay for longer. No matter which category of vacationers you fall into, Hong Kong provides you with various options to stay longer within its shores. If you fall in the first category of planned extended stayers, you will be equipped to prolong your stay. In contrast, those who choose to stay longer later will have to make do with the things they have carried or purchase things they need. Either way, Hong Kong welcomes all those who find it difficult to say goodbye to the place by encouraging them to stay longer.

If you are looking for long stay hotels hong kong, here are two popular options you can consider.

Long Stay Hotels:

These hotels offer long stay packages that allow you to stay in the room that you have booked for up to 30 days. They also offer great long stay hotel deals hong kong that you will find difficult to forgo. In addition to attractive discounts on room fare, these hotels also offer various irresistible facilities that you can enjoy during your extended stay therein. Some of the common amenities you can expect from long stay hotel deals hong kong are

Free or discounted breakfast (can be breakfast buffet)

Free Wi-Fi

Free beverage maker – coffee/tea

Free or discounted laundry service

Free newspapers

Discount offered on Le Carte menu

Booking executive rooms will fetch you a better long stay package that will include several free services. Offers such as free buffet breakfast and free laundry are offered to one occupant. If more than one occupant is utilizing the long stay offer, then you may be required to incur more. You can also find hong kong hotel long stay package that are relevant for families.

Apartment Hotel or Aparthotel:

These are a convenient option for families whose size count exceeds 5. Aparthotels come with either limited or elaborate offerings.

Limited aparthotels

The aparthotel that offers limited features mostly provides – a room with comfortable twin beds, television, single room, bathroom, Wi-Fi, discounted or free breakfast, discounted or free laundry, and housekeeping. Most people/families that choose to extend stay in Hong Kong make do with this option. These limited features aparthotels are preferred as they can suffice the basic needs of the occupants in addition to being economically priced.

Elaborate aparthotels

The elaborate aparthotels, on the other hand, come with further attractive features including restaurant, swimming pool, 2-3 bedrooms, large screen tv, at least 2 bathrooms, toiletries, electrical appliances (kettle, induction stove, hairdryer, and microwave), and fitness center. These elaborate long stay deals often come with a price that matches the comfort the aparthotel provides. However, vacationers are seen to happily incur this amount to experience a more comfortable and memorable stay.

Camlux Hotel is a great option that you can consider while looking for long stay hotels hong kong. The long stay package we offer allows you to stay for up to 30 days making most of the features offered –

Weekly housekeeping visit

Credit payment to use our in-house self-laundry

Attractive discount on food and beverages

Free local calls

Free fitness center.

Call us, and make your long stay reservation now!

Long Stay Package


Validity: 01 January - 31 August 2021


  7 Nights 14 Nights 30 Nights
Cosy Room $3,290 $6,300 $9,900
Comfy Room $3,790 $7,300 $11,900
Garden Room $5,460 $10,500 $14,500
Triple Room $4,340 $8,980 $13,900
Family Room  $5,460 $10,500 $14,500
Studio -- -- $18,000

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice 


- Free WiFi Internet access;
- *Housekeeping service is provided twice a week
- $150 credit for the in-house self-laundry and drying service for every 30 nights stay;
- Special breakfast price at HK$70 net per person;
- 30% discount on food & beverage consumption at Cafe 15;
- Free local call;
- Free use of Fitness Center;


- This promotion is valid until 31 August 2021
- Prepayment is required.
- No amendment and cancellation can be made.
- *To reduce the chance of cross contamination, housekeeping service will be suspended until further notice. Bed linen, towels and amenities will be provided once a week. 



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